Laguna Modern Architectural Real Estate
Architect: Lamont Langworthy

About Laguna Modern

We are Laguna Modern, and we are a team of realtors with a dedication and passion for residential architecture and design. We provide value to our clients through specialization, the result of which is a closer link between sellers and buyers of modern and contemporary real estate. Our goal is to promote the significance and value of architectural homes in Laguna Beach and beyond, and to play a part in preserving great home design along Southern California’s remarkable coastline.

Laguna Modern was established by real estate professionals with a combined 35 years of sales and marketing experience. We channeled that experience into the creation of a website and a business model that is unique in Southern California real estate. The result is the ability to market architectural homes to a broader audience, with greater effectiveness, than standard real estate practices.

Our mission is simple: to serve sellers by promoting the value and significance of their architectural properties, and to assist buyers by connecting them with the homes that meet their standards for design, aesthetics and lifestyle. Our mission is also our passion, for we enjoy the people with whom we work as much as we enjoy the architecture we are representing—it is, after all, great minds that create great living environments.

About Doug Kramer
Doug Kramer is co-founder and co-creator of Laguna Modern, which he established as a resource for the growing community of architectural home enthusiasts in Laguna Beach and beyond. Doug's own passion for architecture began as a child in the late sixties, and blossomed when he purchased his first home, a 1953 post-and-beam design by world renowned architect Cliff May. His experience of restoring and living in a well designed home inspired Doug to study the architectural heritage of Southern California, and in the process, to share that experience with others. The result is Laguna Modern, the definitive source for architectural homes in Laguna Beach and the south Orange County coastline.

Doug was educated at the University of Arizona in Tucson, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing in 1988. Upon graduation he promptly moved to Southern California and was captivated by the area’s rich architectural offerings and abundance of midcentury modern buildings. Now in his 18th year in Southern California, Doug has established a very successful real estate career by adhering to three core principles: a love of good architecture, clear and honest communication, and a commitment to superior service. Laguna Modern is an extension of these principles, and it is the ultimate resource for individuals who desire to sell or purchase architecturally significant residences along Southern California’s most picturesque coastline.

About Rochelle Kramer
Rochelle Kramer is co-founder of Laguna Modern, which she created to serve the real estate needs of sellers and buyers of modern and contemporary residences in Laguna Beach and surrounding communities. A marketing specialist with over 18 years of experience, Rochelle brings to the Laguna Modern team a wealth of knowledge about Internet, email and print marketing. Rochelle is solely responsible for Laguna Modern's prominent presence on the World Wide Web, which has served to bring our featured listings to both a local and global audience of prospective buyers. In addition, Rochelle possesses a professional acumen and presence that make her an extremely effective sales agent.

A third generation Californian, Rochelle was educated at the University of California, Irvine, where she graduated in 1986 with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. This academic background resulted in a career in technology marketing, in which she honed her skills as a graphic and web designer. Now, Rochelle's blend of talents, combined with her passion for architecture and keen eye for design, have proved to be the ideal competency for Laguna Modern's mission to be the definitive source of architecturally significant homes in Southern California.