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Real Estate Services for Buyers

The Laguna Modern team has helped hundreds of buyers locate and purchase unique, architecturally significant homes in Southern California. No team in real estate has more knowledge about the locations and attributes of modern homes in the region. If you are looking to purchase a property, contact us to learn how our services can benefit you.

Laguna Modern Advantages for Buyers

  • Timely Information. Our buyers are notified of new properties as they become “active”, and in many cases, beforehand.

  • Experience. We have hundreds of real estate transactions to our credit. We understand the process, we are experienced negotiators, and we know the contractual requirements that will protect you throughout.

  • Knowledge. Our experience with both home purchases and restorations enables us to give you critical information about your investment. How does the price compare to other homes in the area? What inspections are required? What are the pros and cons of the property? What upgrades would most benefit the value? Our knowledge will empower you to make the decisions that are required throughout the purchase process, and beyond.

  • Contacts. We have a wealth of resources to help you in every phase of your purchase, from ethical and professional lenders to experienced inspectors, designers, contractors and landscapers. Our assistance extends beyond the purchase process to help you transform the property into the living environment you desire.    

  • Mutual Interest. We are purveyors of good architecture and design, and as such, we naturally attract like-minded individuals. We offer the advantage of working with someone who understands your unique interests and is empathetic with your style of living.

We work with a select group of buyers based on three prerequisites — honesty, qualification, and commitment. We ask for your honesty and transparency concerning your timeline and intent, your due diligence in confirming that your finances are realistic to your search parameters, and your commitment to work with us exclusively in exchange for the time, effort and resources that we commit to you. We have learned that this is the foundation for a successful partnership together, and our track record speaks to its effectiveness.  

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